After nine long weeks on a general Ward

New placement

After nine long weeks as an inpatient in a general Ward, it looks like I might have a possibility of a new home and placement.

I finally got a phone call from my social worker to tell me of a nursing home in Mansfield that would like to offer me a place if I would like to go to. I obviously went and checked out their website. I guess it’s a little like buying a car, you do your research first. It looks okay. After what happened in Sheffield I’ve learnt to not take what individual homes say about themselves but to check out the latest CQC report.

I was alarmed to see the home in Mansfield was placed under special measures in 2021 after an unannounced visit by the CQC. However, I’m equally impressed to read the latest CQC report of April 2022, also an unannounced visit, where they were given a “Good” rating. They’ve obviously worked very hard on improving the quality of care and support given.

The manager from the home spent time talking to the ward manager about my needs and situation yesterday. The ward sister was impressed by the terminology used. She seems to have taken on board for example my issues around sleeping in a bed. She seems to understand my pain levels and how it’s managed. What I have said is that I would like external mental health services right from the start. Being without a community mental health team in Sheffield was been one of the reasons why the placement had failed.

Going to agree to the new placement

So taking all this into account I am going to agree to the placement. Yes, it’s not in Derby but Mansfield is nearer than Sheffield was. Yes, it’s not primarily a mental health placement, but they do seem to have an idea of how to support someone with both complex mental health and physical health issues. I can’t stay in a general hospital for much longer. That in itself is having a negative impact on my already fragile mental health.

I’m not quite sure what happens next regarding the way forward. I know the home manager was going to talk again to the ward manager. I’m assuming the move could happen quite fast. I’ve already got funding for the home in Sheffield, so it should be a case of transferring funding over. Practically quite a bit needs to happen. Like how do I get my belongings from Sheffield home to Mansfield? I can’t expect my friends to do the round trip from Derby -Sheffield- Mansfield -Derby. I’m afraid social services are going to have to sort this out.

After nine long weeks..

I must write something that has upset me greatly. Whilst talking to my social worker the other day. She said I had to take responsibility for self-sabotaging the Sheffield placement! How did I do that? All I did was record and take my concerns about my care first to the home managers. When they weren’t dealt with yes I did go to the CQC. Who then made a decision to do that unannounced inspection? The CQC has come to its own conclusion about the care being offered. All I did was provide facts and examples. I don’t regret doing it. If it means improving the lives of other residents.


  1. Tina says:

    Social worker phoned me this afternoon . My new placement have decided they don’t want me after all.
    Having considered all my needs they’ve decided to withdraw from their offer 😢

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