encouraging news at last

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Encouraging News At Last

A bit of encouraging news. I will finally be getting out of the hospital after six months. In to an interim nursing home placement for a short period. Before hopefully heading into my forever home a lovely little bungalow sometime in July which will be adapted to my needs.

I will be having 2/1 support at all times. They will also be coming to meet me and get to know all my needs beforehand!

I am also able to be involved in my own care plan, which then enables me to do whatever I like, whenever I want in my bungalow.

I will also hopefully be getting a car 🚘. which will fit all my equipment in for when my new carers take me out and about to do activities that I will be getting involved in like groups in the community.

The organization which runs where I will be living has already asked for me to do some mental health training.They were really impressed with my website, the head of the organization goes around every month to check if everyone is ok.

I’ve been told all if this could happen within a few weeks and no longer than a few months
Something to finally look forward to 😀

I met my new social worker yesterday – she’s really nice. She’s a hospital worker and her job is to find me an interim placement in Sheffield. She said Derby has been messing around for the last six months. I need a nursing home and not a residential home as I’ve complex nursing needs. They may find something by Easter.

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  1. lianne kirsty Kennedy says:

    you are a beautiful lady and lovely and friendly ❤️ 💕 💖 ♥️ 💗 💛 ❤️ I like talking to u on Facebook and WhatsApp

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