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Latest report into home – As you are aware I’ve been living in a nursing home in Sheffield for the last eight months. During that time I had many issues with my level of care. Eventually, I informed the CQC with the evidence that I’d put together written on this website.

They came out to the home at the end of August to do an unannounced visit. You can read more about the visit in an earlier Blog Post. Today I happened to to be reading the local newspaper when I came across this Article My nursing home has been placed under special measures by the CQC

I obviously knew the care at Woodhill Lodge was bad. After all, I witnessed it first-hand for the eight months I lived there. However, even I am left shocked and sickened to realize just how dire the care was at Woodhill Lodge. You can read the press release taken from the CQC website (published 30th of November 2023 )

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People keep asking me how I feel about the whole situation. About what’s been going on over the last eight months Of course, it is a relief I’ve been heard and my experiences validated. It’s just sickening to read my experience wasn’t an isolated one, but one experienced and picked up across the whole board. I do hope lessons are learnt and better care provided as all residents deserve to be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

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