Finally leaving hospital after 6 months

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So I’ve gone and done it – I am leaving the hospital and have got an interim placement in Worksop!
It’s classed as a care home but it’s actually a 2-bed flat. I will be sharing with a lady, Normally they have one worker for two residents but because I’m on a 1.1 I’ll get a worker to myself.
I will stay there until the bungalow is ready. Here is the link to Mayfair Care Home I should be discharged today (3rd April ) or tomorrow (4 April)

To say I am relieved is an understatement. It has been a really rough six months on every level. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Hopefully, this will give me a new start I desperately require.

Hospital dog

So I caught a chest infection, which has made me feel blinking awful 😩
I’ve been taking IV antibiotics since Saturday and am beginning to feel a bit better. All I’ve done is sleep, which isn’t like me at all.
They’ve now got me on oral antibiotics so we can go ahead with discharge today 😊 The only thing stopping it from happening today is not having the equipment needed at the new place for transferring me etc, they have said by the end of the week for definite.

I am so desperate to leave the hospital. It’s been an awful experience, to be honest. More on an emotional level. I have felt very isolated, especially with my mental health needs. Physical and mental health issues don’t mix well together in this kind of environment. So upwards and onwards will I go – on to the next chapter of my life!


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