My review of the year 2023

Sad Xmas in hospital

My Review of the Year – exactly a year ago I was sectioned under the Mental Health Act on a psychiatric ward. Who would have thought a year later I would still be in a hospital ward, this time in a general Ward? This time I am ready for discharge but have no home to go to.

When I was admitted to the general hospital back in September I thought I was only coming in for three days. However, because of everything that happened at the Nursing Home I’ve found myself unable to return there. Thirteen weeks later I’m stuck in a respiratory Ward, where I don’t need the bed. Waiting for a suitable nursing home to be found for me.

The year 2023 has without been my worst year since I moved from York to Derby in 2007. As I said earlier I began the year sectioned. I recovered from a severe spell of depression to leave Derby and all my friends to move to a nursing home in Sheffield. I moved because the nursing home said they catered for people with mental health issues as well as physical health issues. What I know now and what CQC inspections confirmed was that the home was very inadequate in every possible way.

As well as dealing with the ongoing situation at home plus my mental health issues I was also dealing with more complex physical health issues. I was diagnosed with type 2 respiratory failure at the beginning of the year. I’m meant to use a BIPAP machine at night while sleeping, but really struggle to tolerate a mask over my face. I was diagnosed with fluid in my heart and lungs which is a constant struggle to keep on top of the build-up of fluid in my vital organs.

I was admitted to the general hospital for a three-day stay. Unfortunately, I developed Hospital-acquired pneumonia which at its worst saw my friends and even my family being told I only had three hours to live! All very scary stuff. Obviously, I did survive, and even though still physically weak I am loads better than I was.

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The relationship between myself and my family has continued to be strained. After I became very ill with Hospital acquired pneumonia I had hoped relationships would improve, but actually, all it has done is reinforce in myself why I’ve put the emotional boundaries in place that I have over recent years. To protect myself from further upset and hsrm.

My biggest achievement this year has been building and developing this website. It’s been great to be able to use my knowledge and understanding of the mental health system to help support others. My aim for 2024 is to further develop and expand the site to reach out and support more people like myself.

So to finish off I would like to say a big thank you to all my friends for your support in 2023. Some of you are old friends and have walked my journey with me for many years. Some of you are new friends and have recently joined the journey. All of you are loved, valued and appreciated by me. I wouldn’t have gotten through this awful time without you. Here’s hoping for a better year in 2024 for myself and others who have found 2023 particularly challenging.

Jude, Alan and Tina - xmax 2023
Jude & Alan + Tina – Xmas 2023
Tina & Rhianna
Tina & Rhianna

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