Depression after Pneumonia

Depression after Pneumonia

I have now been a patient on a general ward for eight very long weeks . I came in possibly needing surgery to mend a problem with some very small holes in my bowel. Then I went to contracting Hospital Acquired Pneumonia. At it’s worst saw my loved ones given three hours for me to live !

I obviously pulled through the pneumonia. It’s just left me with lots of other crap to deal with.

I’ve had a very crap 24 hours even by Tina standard’s 😭
Basically, the psychiatrist came back to see me for a full mental health assessment this morning. He said in the last 24 hours since he last saw me that I’d deteriorated even further. I was very flat and obviously in a “major depressive episode” He was going to talk to his colleague about getting a transfer to the psyche unit as my needs were obviously more mental health right now than physical needs anymore.
He never did get back to me. However, my next of kin has spoken to the ward staff about other stuff and I think they are trying to find me a psyche bed ASAP.

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Also my struggles here on the ward seem to be around their lack of communication and understanding about why I react the way I do. That what they perceive as behaviour is actually Tina feeling scared overwhelmed and often in physical pain.

For example, the ward sister reacted badly to me this afternoon. Now a week ago I got a written warning for not treating staff with respect. But they expect it from me 24/7. They seem to have little understanding around a possible autistic person and how she reacts to the scary world around her, and mental health problems in general.

Tired and overwhelmed 😭


  1. lianne Kennedy says:

    you are beautiful lady and lovely and friendly ❤️ 💕 💖 ♥️ 💗 💛 ❤️ 💕 hope you get the help you need

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